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I started this site to voice your Cablevision complaints and issues. You let me know and I'll post them. This is a work in progress so be patient. Being 2012 you can send  us your information to be posted by email or telephone. 

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 cablevision _ad_0212122Great comments in the video

3:48. "You have the ability of making over six figures"

4:01. "A month into the field you can be making that $15, $20 thousand right off the bat"

4:20. "I bought a new car the first month I worked here"

4:38. "Don't be satisfied with that $40 thousand (base salary) ok. If your here to make $40 thousand a year this isn't the job for you ok. You can make four or five times that amount."  Wilfredo "Will" Alfaro the $300+ thousand man in 2008 and probably cleared at least $275,000 in 2011. All this selling TV, PHONE and INTERNET. All that money and he still has time to sell real estate at Coldwell Banker. Power to him.


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Why Your Bill Is So High

Your paying for their $100 to $300 thousand  salary+benifits. Just to sell TV.

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