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I started this site to voice your Cablevision complaints and issues. You let me know and I'll post them. This is a work in progress so be patient. Being 2012 you can send  us your information to be posted by email or telephone. 

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monthly payroll.

I spoke to someone at the Monmouth sales office and they confirmed that the Morris office was closed. Now the story differs. I heard that all but three sales people were fired and the Monmouth contact said everyone was transferred. I wonder if the people fired were out on the streets working and had their badges taken away or if it happened at the office.

At the $40,000 base salary (per the ads) it's safe to say probably twelve plus people got fired. If there was three people that got transferred they probably would have been earning a $100,000 plus salary.   Full story and more news articles

Anyone that has more information on this email the site.

Why Your Bill Is So High

Your paying for their $100 to $300 thousand  salary+benifits. Just to sell TV.

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